Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ex-Leafs enforcer Belak found dead
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09-01-2011, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by BleedOrange View Post
So it begins the people are using a tragic death to get their rating...
I absolutely hate it when people manipulate situations to further their own agendas. Only a few minutes ago, I was driving home from hospital, and was listening to Oilers Now! Today's first guests? Former NHL Enforcers Georges Laraque and Brantt Myhers. The discussion? The need to do something about fighting in hockey because of the psychological and mental toll it takes on the players. Of course, the interview started with a commentary indicating there is some sort of correlation between the death of Belak and the experiences of today's guests. What a load of bollocks.

This is going to be blowin into a big thing over the next few months..
Hey, Oiler fan here, was checking out your thread on this to see if anyone mentioned the article released earlier yesterday about Todd Fedoruk (from the same small AB town). I also listened to the interview Stauffer had with Laraque and Myhers, and did not get the sense they were going after ratings. If he argues that, than Cloutier is going after ratings himself with his article. People want to know what the hell is going on with these fighters this offseason no? Laraque and Myhers provided a unique insight into that. Myhers especially was very candid regarding his substance abuse to deal with the anxiety and fear, I recommend listening to the interview on 630 ched's website They made the point to say that each death was different, but the common theme is clear, they were all fighters. They were very respectful and it was refreshing to hear the truth about what some of these guys go through.

Cloutier says that Myhers is using this as an oppurtunity to forward his agenda in getting fighting out of the game, that is total BS if you listen to the actual interview.

Cloutier goes on to say that the fighting link takes away from the problem of mental health and suicide, that the solution is we need to "talk" and "encourage them to seek help" about it. Well, Rypien spoke up and sought help, repeatedly, and it was not enough. Cloutier thinks we just have to sit in a circle and hold hands and talk everything through, well that's bollocks.

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