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10-06-2005, 10:42 PM
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At least over here there ARE moderators. Moderators who can lock senseless threads. Moderators who can combine multiple same topic threads. Moderators who can sticky a thread that needs to remain at the top.

The only way I can come remotely close to staying on top of things is the link that lets me see the newest posts and then I mark all the threads read before I log off at night. BEFORE the change there may have been 10 "active" there are 110. Hopefully the newness will wear off and it will get back to normal ... and soon!

I like the dearth of hockey knowledge over here. I like the fact that (benefit of the doubt here) intelligent hockey fans from other teams post on the Predators threads with "fairly" meaningful posts.

I too enjoy the social atmosphere over there, but at times, it just gets plain ol stupid. Bottom'll never see a "SONG" thread over here. And that's is after all HOCKEY forums...

I've been responsible for fluff...this may very well qualify...but I generally tend to follow the posting style of whatever board I'm on.

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