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10-23-2003, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Waveburner
I think the Canuck fans here are being just a tad homerish on Bertuzzi

Bertuzzi doesn't dive? Yah freakin right. Of all Canuck forwards, only Ruutu dives more. I'm not too sure if he dove on that play though. Only saw 1 replay, and frankly I don't much care. He does dive. A lot.

Bertuzzi a smart player who doesn't take costly penalties? OK, so he was smart last night, *for once*. Give the man a prize. 60% of his penalties are of the pointless, boneheaded type.

I like Bert as much as any other Nuck fan, but I still recognize his flaws.
Can someone explain to me when someone as big and strong as Pronger is grabs Bertuzzi by the shoulder and throws him down is considered a dive by Bert??

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