Thread: Tribune Review: Article about Cooke being a changed man
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09-01-2011, 11:18 PM
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IMO the article makes Cooke look worse. Almost like he is saying "I was cheapshotting people because my wife was sick so its not my fault". Almost like when u read about how some idiot ***** and murders 4 people and uses an excuse like "Well my Momma never told me she loved and when I was 6 I got beat up once so its my Mom's and societys fault" Now the article is being viewed as a joke on other teams boards because he was cheapshotting people looooong before his wife was sick. I hope he does change but I dont see it happening.

Also the definition of irony.... A team who may of lost its best player for a season or longer due to a couple headshots has fans defending a player who basically has a headshot rule named after him.

I remember when a ton of pens fans of this and another Pens board were making fun of and mocking Savard because he was upset and vocal about players like Cooke being allowed to have free reign cheapshotting players. Sayng he should just get over it because its hockey and hits happen. Now a guy that was a 80-90 point guy had his career ended because "Hey thats Cookes game.. He plays on the edge" I even read on here in a thread "Cookes game is playing on the edge, antagonizing player and yes some cheapshots so not allowing him to play his game is like telling Crosby he's not allowed to score goals or MAF he cant make saves"

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