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09-02-2011, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Night_Vole View Post
Max was sort of a pick em, was at the top my head, he is easily substituted by any vet winger.

Kulemin should be on the team because he is one of the few players that brings good intangibles.

Emelin is certainly has a chance, I will closely be watching him on my habs this year.

The point though is that u cannot have so many unproven players on ur olympic squad. U need guys who have been through it before and know how to come togather for this type of tournament. For instance Yakupov will play junior next year than some kind of split between nhl/ahl the following year. You do not want to be taking a player who has not had a full season in a mjor legue to this type of tourny. You might point out the example of Malkin/Ovechkin who played in Torino, but these are generational players who were already established as leaders of their respective clubs at that point. Even than u don't want more than a couple of these young players because talent only goes so far, u need composure and the ability to preform under preasure.

I'm definetly for having some younger guys, Anisimov and Taresenko should make it and one of burmistrov/kuznetsov. Beyond that, taking any more inexperianced players becomes very risky as u are unsure of how they will preform.

Same idea applies to the D, u listed a bunch of young unproven guys, and it is essentially a pipe dream to be hoping that they all develop in time. Considerring our recent bad histrory of developing defenceman we will be lucky if one of them is ready (I do have really high hopes for Kulikov however, he and Markov will be the center pieces that hold togather our patchwork D)
3 Years is quiet some time in hockey. Kuznetsov, for example, can go from being an inexperienced rookie to a team leader. Even Yakupov, next year can be a Rookie the NHL, and in 2 years it's very possible that he will turn into a team leader. Much like Stamkos did for TBL.

But don't take my word for it, Belyaletdinov set out his scouting assignment to follow Yakupov and the likes closely. Those players should strive to be on the Olympic team because of their talent, and the Russian NT coaches should strive to bring them up as soon as possible.

Better to have talented young guys, with energy and zest, than a drabby old experienced guys ala Canada 2006, Russia 2010.

Young players can certainly thrive under pressure too, some people forget that. Think Granlund in the last WC, who single handedly denied the all-star Russian team the Gold Medal.

The way I see it, you need 1 or 2 vets on the team to keep everyone in check, the bulk of the team made up of 26-27 year olds at their peak, and 2-3 young guns to spur everyone on.

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