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09-02-2011, 07:22 AM
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Hate to come totally down on the other side of this discussion and knowing that I am going to be flamed....


I can't believe that many of you would criticize someone for returning to college so he can attain his degree. Kreider is obviously a very intelligent young man who enjoys school, the college experience, and learning. He obviously has "a life of the mind" beyond hockey.

He certainly is a young man who can keep his priorities straight. He knows that the will have a lucrative hockey career that will set him up monetarily for the rest of his life but also knows that he will have a long life after his hockey career ends. Though he has likely thought about the fact that he might be injured and could always go back to get his degree later (hey, my wife got her doctorate well into her 50s), he will only be a young man of college age once. College is not only about preparing for a career but becoming a well-rounded, thinking, and involved individual and citizen.

So, I say, more power to him. So many of you only look at this selfishly: what can and individual who might as well be a stick figure in a video game do to make my life happier.

I am certainly looking forward to the day when Kreider is a Ranger player: I have high hopes for him. But I can certainly wait another year while this intelligent young man, in control of his own destiny, enriches his mind and life. I hate to say it because I am as passionate about hockey as anyone, but it is, after all, only hockey and it is his life.

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