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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
I abhor the all-white pad trend with a PASSION. I am so sick of seeing all these athletes buy into the myth that they will stop more shots because their pads are white.

Name me one goalie whose career has been revitalized/his play has noticeably improved since going with white pads. Irbe wore white pads all those years and yet he wasn't ever clearly better than anyone else.

As a goalie myself - I refuse to get an all-white set. For as long as I play, I will never go down that route. Yes, I hate them that much.

As for the pictures themselves - Vaughn has been customizing Price's sets to feel like Reeboks, so it's only natural that he'd give the Reeboks a shot (especially now with the Premier 4s around the corner; you can actually see him wearing the new P4 glove/blocker in that picture).
Yep Brodeur always had cool pad and is a great goalie, same for Lundqvist, the only thing is that a few goalie have a full pad not white. Dunno why. I think only DiPietro isn't using a pad with a main colour white. But i could be wrong.


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