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09-02-2011, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by subbanged View Post
I didn't read the new article (drunk) just like to say, I'm curious as to the stats in past off seasons about the number of player deaths. This seems abnormally high, and am curious about two possible causes unrelated too the NHL. Firstly the simple (not to demean), he did it so I will too, I'm from Halifax, we have two bridges, the bridges experiece roughly 1 suicide per day. However there never reported in the news, why? because people may copycat forcing that number higher. Could that be a cause here, especially within the NHL community. As well, could this just be an outlier year, you could have ten years before and after where no one commits suicide and we'd never know there was a problem. is it just an abnormal year for this sort of thing.

Of course all the best too wade and his family, and I'm truly sorry about their loss, I personally lost my grandfather last month and it as hard to go through, i cant imagine losing someone who is in the prime of their life.
Well my friend, even drunk you make more sense than many!

Seriously though, I agree with you and that's why I think that if the media and the fans are serious for a minute, they'll recognize that the issue is NOT about fighting in the NHL, that this past summer is a reflection of what society is living and that the fact that the last 3 were "goons" is pure coincidence.

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