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09-02-2011, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
For every one instance you bring up, a hundred have been prevented. People die wearing seatbelts, does that mean you shouldn't wear one?

I used to love fighting in the game, but now I don't care for it. If they could get rid of it, and protect the players, I'm all for it. But as long as the idiots at the top consider ramming somone's head into the boards, glass or ice a 'hockey play' things will never change.
That's pretty tough to pass as a fact. How can you measure the amount of times an enforcer prevented a player from being hit hard, or cheap shot? You can't. It's unfortunate, because it could have put this debate to rest.
I don't think cheap shots happen a whole lot of times. There are a few players that do it and that's about it. You won't see Gionta, Gomez, Plek, etc do cheap shots. You'll see guys like Cooke, Ruutu, Orr do them, and nobody will ever prevent that, never did.
On a general question though, I don't think there is one player, big or small, strong or weak, that would brake off from hitting someone, even more so if the target is a prime player like Crosby.
The only thing that's measurable is the number of concussions suffered by players despite having ''protectors'' on the team.

So, in the end, it pretty much comes down to personal opinion. Sure, you can think that if the Pens didn't have those ''protectors'', then maybe Crosby would have been hurt and abused more often. I don't believe that because, as I said, anybody that has a chance to take a run at the best player in the NHL will do it with pleasure, without thinking twice.

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