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09-02-2011, 12:06 PM
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Since I'm really slightly confused about people saying that CSN is not available on the basic channel package from comcast... (I have fios but whatever)...

The Digitial Economy package..doesnt have CSN....I couldn't find a price. but I'm assuming its the lowest price.

The Digital Starter package..which is 29 bucks...has Comcast Network, Comcast SportsNet, Comcast NetworkHD and Comcast Sportsnet HD.

The most basic basic basic of 12 dollars. which doesnt have CSN.( so yeah...the basic package doesnt have CSN)...

But the difference between basic basic and digital statrer is....

$29.99 - $11.85 = $18.14. so. $18.14 does not equal a $40 increase

And Bernie...seeing as you pay for both DTV and Comcast..AND NHL Center Ice...arent you ending up paying alot more than if you simply paid for the Digital starter package from comcast....GOT CN and CSN.....and because you live in the philly area you wouldn't have to worry about black outs at that point?

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