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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
You guys are scaring me with all this "broke my leg sliding into the boards" etc. I almost did this the other night, but was able to pull my feet up. It's a concern of mine because I'm a bad mix. Alot of speed, but not the best balance in the world and so I hit the ice somewhat regularly while I'm moving pretty good.

You know, the single best piece of advice I've ever received while playing hockey was to slow down.

When I was still a relatively new player (four years into playing) I had developed pretty good skating speed, but I didn't have the control to support it. I tried to race around the ice and use my speed to make up for my inability to do much else.

What often happens is that you start moving faster than your mind can react. You fail to see/read plays, you bobble or lose the puck, and you find yourself unable to turn/stop in time and lose your footing, clip someone, or simply collide into them.

Slow your game down, use your skill (you're probably better than you think) and as you gain more experience and confidence you can incorporate speed into your game again.

Originally Posted by Escapades View Post
So a couple of weeks ago I was driven into the boards during a game and broke my fibula and tore a tendon in my ankle, which required surgery. It's healing up fine (thanks to a plate and half a dozen screws) and I'll be able to play when it's all healed up. However, I won't find myself in a pair of skates again for at least a couple months. Anyways I'm wondering if you guys know of any exercises/workouts that I can do to help keep from wasting away. We are talking mainly upper body and core workouts. My main worry is losing all of the force out of my shot. I've been lifting a little bit but if you guys have anything to add to that I'd really appreciate it.

Your best bet is a sports doctor or physiotherapist for that kind of information. A lot of abdominal exercises I know of use the leg muscles a little bit as well, which is a bad idea. I suppose you could do some dumbbell work from a seated position, but at this stage you might be better off resting.

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