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Originally Posted by Escapades View Post
So a couple of weeks ago I was driven into the boards during a game and broke my fibula and tore a tendon in my ankle, which required surgery. It's healing up fine (thanks to a plate and half a dozen screws) and I'll be able to play when it's all healed up. However, I won't find myself in a pair of skates again for at least a couple months. Anyways I'm wondering if you guys know of any exercises/workouts that I can do to help keep from wasting away. We are talking mainly upper body and core workouts. My main worry is losing all of the force out of my shot. I've been lifting a little bit but if you guys have anything to add to that I'd really appreciate it.
The fibula is generally one of the "nicer" bones in your leg to break, because it bears very little weight (especially compared to the tibia), for less bad breaks people are often just put in walking casts and can put pressure on it almost right away. Sounds like your break is worse than that, but even still I'd think it won't bother you too much when healed. As for the tendon, which tendon did you rupture? Are you gonna be on crutches for a long time, or in a walking cast pretty soon?

If you injuries are purely lower body you should be able to do most upper body that have you lieing down or seated, like seated curls, bench press, seated shoulder press, skull crushers, etc. Obviously you'd want to stay away from standing exercises like military presses, standing curls, etc. For core exercises I agree with noobman, ask your doctor/physio for advice. I wouldn't imagine exercises like crunches, twisting crunches, rocky solos, etc. wouldn't strain your tibia or ankle tendons too much, but I definitely be looking for professional advice first in your position.

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