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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
Budaj wears Vaughn this season and Jose wears Vaughn Johny Quick wears Vaugn Jimmy Howard wears Vaughn there are others also just can't think of then Oh Bakstrom in Minny not sure if Kipper is still or if he switched to Bauer. Steve Mason in Columbus wears Vaughn just to name a few. I am sure I could go through all the team rosters and find the rest but really don't care to. As for the poster that said ya it makes a real difference who is paying them. Well an equipment manufacturer comes to you and says we will design a pad for you and pay you X number of dollars and another company says we will design a pad for you and we aren't going to pay you anything to wear it. Who do you think they will choose??? I am pretty sure they choose the company offering up the money to wear the gear if you don't think so they you need to get your head out of the sand.

Bryz in Philly also uses Vaughn. Rask and Thomas in Boston and Cam Ward in Carolina Brian Elliot also.
I understand what you are saying, of course you take the company that is going to pay you to wear their pads, BUT only if all things are equal. The amount of money the company is going play a player to wear their stuff doesn't overcome the amount of money he could get on his contract if he plays better with the pad company that doesn't pay him to wear their pads.

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