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09-02-2011, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I have seen them both play. Admittedly, I have seen JvR far more than MPS, but from what I have seen, read, etc., I see them as being equal at this point in their careers.

Look, I like JvR as much as the next guy (he will probably be my next jersey purchase). But outside of the Boston series last year, he has not shown that he can dominant. He has shown that he will be a good player, much like MPS has in his limited time in the NHL. Again, I'm not JUST looking at their stats. I am looking at their stats, coupled with their age, coupled with who they play with, coupled with what I have seen from them on the ice.

Again. If you look at my posts, I am not solely relying on points. I saw how JvR played against Boston. It really was pretty amazing. But that was what? Two games? Three? He played well against Buffalo, and well the second half, but surely he didn't show anything prior to Boston that was dominating, or did I miss something? Again, I AM NOT KNOCKING JVR. But you can't base his value on one, maybe two playoff series and discount a younger player with less NHL playing time and playing on a far worse team simply because he hasn't "proven" anything, especially when we are talking about potential.

Aside from JvR's playoff performance, what has he shown that MPS has not?
Ability to dominate.

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