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09-02-2011, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I'm probably a bigger fan of MMA than you. I enjoy watching two guys fight and display their amazing skills. I don't enjoy watching street fights or bar fights. There used to be a purpose to fighting in the NHL and it's always been part of the sport. But for quite some time now, this has died. It's pretty obvious but change is the toughest thing to do in every day life, so some people just can't see that.
Some actually still believe fighting nowadays somehow protects players.
That just shows how badly some are in denial.

Fighting in the NHL is solely an entertaining aspect. I don't watch games to see a fight. I don't care for it. I will watch every PPV of the UFC along with some other promotions like dream, strikeforce and K-1 so I can enjoy some real fighting. Watching two guys on skate try pounding each other missing 90% of their punches and then buckling down is freaking idiotic.
Now, some are dying from substance abuse and suicide more so than ever. I don't give a crap what happens to UFC fighters, it's not the NHL and they're in the sport of fighting. You don't see too many skilled players commit suicide too. What's your point??. That's the dumbest comment I've ever read.
Not that I disagree but he has a point in that people are really jumping to conclusions. Just because an anomaly of 3 fighters dieing/suicide happens doesn't mean it's related to the fighting.

Likely just the personality types that go with people who are tough (fighters) they wouldn't want to be a ***** and go see a psychologist etc. (in their eyes a ***** not mine)

Now I'm not saying if 10 more guys randomly drop dead and they're all fighters that it's jumping to conclusions but 3 guys... it could be a total fluke and for another decade another player dies. It could be a pattern and something dangerous is happening. Right now deciding on either one is jumping to conclusions imo. Now that isn't to say the NHL shouldn't do some research or maybe start a program to help retirees adapt to no longer being a player, programs for player mental health with total anonymity, potentially even some kind of evaluation every year or something. Of course preventative measures can be put in place regardless of if it's a trend. But why are people jumping to conclusions? Mental health isn't automatically linked to fighting, concussions etc. Plenty of people are find mentally after a concussion, some aren't. And even for the people who do have a mental health issue after one why are we automatically assuming that it's related? What happened was terrible three good enforcers died this summer. Sometimes an anomaly happens though, so far it's the exception not the rule.

I won't care if they abolish fighting but I don't mind if they keep it either. Head shots are far more important in my opinion. Players choose to fight. They don't choose to take a cheap shot in the head.

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