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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
First off mark, calling someone a giraffe clown is not only unintelligible because that's not even an insult, but it's also totally unnecessary an pointless to the convo. To be honest, I actually agree with your main point that a mod shouldn't be able to edit his own thread, but I'm really not sure how you can argue with deleting something like that.

I have no problem taking over from here in this thread if seventies agrees, but honestly jarek just brought up a point and then was trying to say that this SHOULDN'T be a flame fest. Haven't you noticed how these type of things follow you around mark? There are some things that you take far too angrily.

As far as seventies statement, that is more a statement of his opinion that he thinks he should win the series, and that he thinks his Defensemen are far superior to yours. You have said far more inflammatory things in the past. We all have. I think that toes the line just fine.

It's a reference to Wedding Crashers..."Make me a bicycle clown"...

Yes these things do follow me around and yes 99% of them are with 70's and Jarek. (Just ask dreamkur), They love to dish it out but as soon as somebody dishes it back they cry fowl and whine and complain.

Jarek said it shouldn't be a flame fest and then finished off the sentence WITH A FLAME? Im still waiting for him to show where I said what his quote said.

Could you please tell me how:

seventieslord: Doesn't matter how soft you think my forwards are or how much of an advantage an offense-only player on your 3rd line gives you... your defense isn't close to ours. Not by any stretch. That's the key. If you want to get to the MLD finals, draft some bloody defensemen next time.

Is not an obvious flame towards Stoneberg and I. The funny thing is I could care less, but when my responses start to get deleted then things aren't fair.

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