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Originally Posted by ThatCrazyRangerFan View Post
I was arrested in december 2010 when we (Myself and like, 50 other rabid fans who couldn't get to the game cause the tracks froze) because when we FINALLY got to NY Penn Station, we were screaming and yelling "Let's go Rangers!" Cause the train driver dude, even though we were done riding the train, felt that cause he didn't like it, called the police. December 27, 2010... the memories....

That is the worst story I ever heard. You were "chanting" and got arrested? Was is loitering? Unlawful gathering without proper permit? What was the crime?

Jesus. I know we have a lot more crime than this. I mean THIS?! I would have laughed my arse off and kept it moving if I was the first responder to that call.!

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