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09-02-2011, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
If Adam Graves was planning on getting arrested for his charity I would frown upon it no matter what the case was. You are publicly going on record for saying basically " I dont care about laws. i am an outlaw and if the law doesnt fit my style, I will break it" and this is right after he was arrested (whether wrongfully or rightfully) for "assault on an officer". I know he beat it, but you would think a person who has just brought heat to himself and his organization (cause lets face it, any negative light on a player IS negative light to the organization.. atleast thats what brass believes) would stay OUT of the limelight and away from more public negative issues. Whether you believe in gay rights or not. Mr. Sean Avery, New York just legalized gay marriages.. You play in new york. You live in new york. WHY are you protesting this? New York has legalized it. Just stop already.
Ahaha, did you read the article? Avery is protesting an oil pipeline, not supporting gay marriage.

Going to a protest with the intent of getting arrested isn't saying "I don't care about the law." It's saying, "I feel so passionate about this cause that I'm willing to go to jail for it." Not that he'd even go to jail...


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