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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
Your entire ATD/MLD rebuttles are boiled down in the two bolded posts. You want me to "connect the dots" with your players because a guy on his line hits hard but your players gets more penalty minutes so he of course has the physical attributes desperately needed.

Andddddd then of course 3 lines down you say I like to "Im reading what I like to read" and a guy who does all the small things for a team to win, is a relentless checker, has the best work ethic on his team etc.. etc.. of course is unable to win puck battles along the boards.
No, you are missing the point, I don't want you to connect any dots, nor do I care if you do, I am just matching you, logical leap by logical leap.

Who has the time to sort through all of your BS? I sure as hell don't and that is what 95% of your posts are.

Oh ya well my player was top 27 in ESP on the road during weekend games 3 times in his career and my defenseman minus 4 outliers averaging together there 1st and 3rd periods and 75% of the 3rd place defenseman in their 2nd and 3rd best seasons all have better % then yours...... GIVE ME A BREAK, when does common sense enter the conversation?
Wind. You forgot wind. And the coefficient of friction on the ice, which changes throughout the game.

Yes MLD players have top 10's in points, 4 of my players have finished top 10 in points. Explain that one?
Yeah, I said most don't. Since 4 of your picks do, does that not mean that most of them don't?

Golonka has your main offensive weapon is weak very weak and you know it, you completely ignore Joe Carveth so I guess +75 to Halifax compared to your "+20" for defenseman so I guess according to your methods Halifax now has the +55 advantage.
Well done, sounds like you are right on top of things here.

I don't select players I am "unimpressed with" I like to do my research before I pick them. Thanks though.
Hey, don't get me wrong. Stumpel was the best I could do at the time. Doesn't mean I have to be impressed with him, it just means I wasn't impressed with what was left. I am fine though... six of the top-20 defensemen in the MLD is a pretty good haul. (I think my next opponent has five of them too). Good luck to ya.

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