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09-02-2011, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Personnally, while I like the guy, I'm rarely satisfied when I listen to the Melnick show. I mean, I was not a regular, but everytime I listened in, he was rarely talking about sports. Always chitchatting about whatever.
I agree, Melnick does sidetrack , and in no way is he ''the king of sports talk radio''. But he's not outdated. He knows what's going on, has an opinion, is sarcastic and critical ... I like his interviews, and frankly, he has a brain.

When he does get sidetracked, it's often with topics that are related to LOCAL events / people, or about some crappy service he has at a local cafe, or about biking in the city, or traffic, or whatever.... It's things like that make Melnick a "Montrealer" , one that anglos can relate to.

While I used to like the morning show, while I like their chemistry and all, rarely will I like the show when Casavant is not in. 'Cause again, Starr and Price will also do a whole lot of talk for nothing but when Casavant is in, it's way more business. And they still can be funny and intereting in the same time.
I enjoyed listening to Tony on the morning show, as their replacement.


Where I will disagree with the majority here is that I like the Marinaro show a lot even if I don't always agree with him. Yet, there's not a whole lot of talk for nothing and he has really interesting people on. The Trotz interview today was great. Never knew Trotz was that interesting...especially by watching him behind a bench.
I completely agree...


So Team 990 has a lot of pros and cons as well as far as I'm concerned. Just like CKACSports. Funny thing though is that a whole lot of people hated CKACSports...yet continued talking about it and reporting what was said....So I guess we love to listen to something we hate....And honestly, the haters will miss that....
But for every hate, there's maybe 5 people who simply have ignored the station. I believe success relies more on attracting listeners that connect with the content and personality versus listening for the sake of ridiculing the commentators.

Originally Posted by JackZap View Post
trust me, younger ppl listened to CKAC. This has to do with the fact that the govt is dumping a ******** of money into the station.
I think the station that eventually replaces CKAC will be put together by bell, and will provide personalities and content that younger people would listen to.

I wouldn't be surprised if they try to lure Tony.

Originally Posted by HabsUnited View Post
Yeah, Melnick and Tieman sure do bring in that younger crowd...
Melnick isn't bad imo. He appeals to maybe a slightly older crowd.

But I have to agree with you 100% on Tieman - nice guy and all,but way too damn jolly and santa... but he really doesn't deserve a show... most people are working or doing something during 1 and 3... thankfully.

Tieman should have a football show -- just because he sounds like the closest thing to an old big jolly american football commentor on the team990.

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