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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
No, you are missing the point, I don't want you to connect any dots, nor do I care if you do, I am just matching you, logical leap by logical leap.

Wind. You forgot wind. And the coefficient of friction on the ice, which changes throughout the game.

Yeah, I said most don't. Since 4 of your picks do, does that not mean that most of them don't?
3 out of my top 6 have top 10's and HHOF Hooper and Smith don't qualify due to era, i'd say that's a pretty impressive amount, it's not my fault yours don't.

Well done, sounds like you are right on top of things here.
Pretty pathetic isn't it, thats what we look forward to reading while sorting through your posts.

Hey, don't get me wrong. Stumpel was the best I could do at the time. Doesn't mean I have to be impressed with him, it just means I wasn't impressed with what was left. I am fine though... six of the top-20 defensemen in the MLD is a pretty good haul. (I think my next opponent has five of them too). Good luck to ya.

Show me where 6 of the top 20 dmen in the MLD belong to your team (Interesting you havent touched on sargents pathetic longevity) Bodnar,Smith, Carson and Carveth are the top 4 offensive players in the series, heck prove that Bullard is behind Golonka (Or whoever you claim to be your best offensive player)

Ya drafting a 2nd line C in round 11 will absolutely cost you, add in that its one of your famous Modern compiler and that 2nd line is well below par.

You had a voter ask you to sell golonkas offense, do you plan on addressing him?

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