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Originally Posted by BadHammy View Post
I'm totally behind you that a really good pitching performance should be worthy of MVP consideration but part of the problem is debate over what really makes a pitcher great, specifically the importance of wins. And it's ok to get worked up over it, just don't stroke out, pal
Whether you're a basic or advanced stats fan, Martinez had it all in '99.

For the basic crowd, Pedro won five more games than anyone else in the AL, finishing 23-4. He had a 0.92 WHIP, which annihilated the second-place mark of 1.23. And his 2.07 ERA was - get this - 1.37 better than second-place Mussina's.

For the SABR people, Pedro's K/9 was 13.20. Second place's was 8.44. His K/BB was 8.46. No. 2 was 3.44. FIP: 1.39. Second-best FIP: 3.25.

OK, I officially want to wring the '99 MVP voters' necks. For Martinez to not win MVP that year is one of the great injustices in the history of MLB awards.

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