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Originally Posted by Green Men Rule View Post
I like Baseball. I just don't think a guy who plays every 5th day deserves an MVP. Nor do i necessarily disagree with the addage of players on winning teams GENERALLY getting the MVP Awards. To my first point, a guy pitching every 5th day and being considered is like really calling a DH a player. I don't mind a DH persay but they do need to institute some kinda rule where the guy has to play xyz amount of games in the field or innings or something. The DH should be more for the disabled. Not so a guy like jim Thome or David Ortiz can carry on their careers because they can't hack it on the field to an efficient amount.

As to why a guy on a Winning team will likely win the MVP it has a lot to do with today's "special coverage" MLB Network for example now puts on a lot of Pennant chase September ball. So we are gunna see the guys in races not guys like Bautista(unless they happen to be the unfortunate opponent for a team in a playoff race)IO can see that being justified in this day and age.
I think you're really underestimating the degree to which it throws off the preparation of opposition in a series. Moreover, Stud SPs can throw on 3 days rest whenever needed and sometimes on just 2 days rest.

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