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09-02-2011, 10:02 PM
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Man I play the wing and play junior and still have trouble with it. As the poster above me said you shouldn't even really have to be receiving passes like that on a good team, as your D will usually be hitting you with a pass to your tape. If they do need to ring it just keep trying different stuff to see what fits for you. I'm also a RW and right-handed so I usually have my left foot a bit ahead of my right and angle my right foot so it's coming off the boards on an angle. This lets the puck bounce off usually around your blade if you just angle it properly.

A safe play if you're skating back to your own zone and they rifle it around fast enough, just angle your blade and tip it high off the glass on your forehand and out. Seems like a weird way to do it but gets the job done.

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