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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
It's clear that I am not going to change my opinion and you (and others) will not be changing theirs. I still don't think that JvR is in a different league than MPS like you and others are suggesting. He had a great playoffs, and if he can carry that over to an 82 game season, then yeah, I'll be eating my words and saying that JvR is more valuable. But he hasn't done that and I don't think anyone thinks that he is going to play like he did in game 2 of the Boston series consistently for the next 10 years. If he does, great, but I don't think he will. And I don't think MPS will either. But both will exceptional NHL players and when all is said and done I don't think people are going to forget about MPS while JvR gets a plaque in Toronto. Hopefully I am wrong because I am a huge JvR fan.

I don't think that JVR is in a "different league" than MPS at all. They are both great young player. I think the diference is that JVR is a bonafied first line player with perenial all-star potneital written all over him while I think that MPS is a low end 1st line winger or top end 2nd line winger. The difference really isnt all that much. I DO think there is a difference and that MOST would agree with me (having watched both play and understanding more than just a cursery review of game play mechanincs).

I think that the difference between JVR an MPS is about the same as the difference between MPS and Voracek. Yeah MPs is better (or soon WILL be) than Voracek but the difference isn't all that much and it CERTAINLY isn't the value of our 1st nor Coburn. I certainly wouldn't expect Edm to give up someone like Coburn AND MPS to get JVR just like I don't think WE should be giving up Voracek plus Coburn for MPS as some have suggexted. Voracek is a very solid 2nd line winger who can potential fill in on the top line if needed. IMO that's not too far from where MPS will end up which isn't too far from where JVR will end up. I'm not holding JVR in the same lime light as the likes of Hall or Stamkos but he's certainly going to be a very very good player in this league.

Mark my words, he'll be the best talent we've had since Lindros (discounting an injured Forsberg that is). I am on record from years ago telling everyone to be patient with Carter as he'd need more time than Richards to break out. I also told people here 3 years ago to be patient with JVR as he'd track more like Carter in his developement while Girouz was primed for more immediate success like Richards was. I am also on record as having stated that of the 4 JVR would end up being the best and most dominant player. That's right, I'm telling you right now that in just a few short years, if you were given the opportunity to have just one to build a team around that you'd pick JVR over Richards, Carter and Giroux. Write this down if you want, IDK. I eat my crow when necessary and if I'm wron I WILL man up to it. However, barring some freak accident I would bet my last dollar that I'm right.

there's probably less than 50 players in the NHL that I'd take over JVR while there are probably a good 100 that I'd take over MPS.

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