Thread: News Article: Wade Belak dead at 35
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09-03-2011, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
You very well good be right, but I would like an investigation into this before claiming it as fact.

I also agree about the mma fighters being more prepared for what's coming, since it's all they do, my comparison there was to touch on the actual impact of getting hit in the head, not necessarily the larger psychological impact involved in the 2 sports.

It's a touchy subject that we don't really know all the aspects feelings/emotions that these guys are experiencing, so what should the NHL do? Eliminate fighting without an investigation or work towards a treatment/awareness program, I don't know anymore. You have some valid concerns, no doubt, but over the history of the league, how many guys have committed suicide and how many of them can be attributed to fighting alone? Would Probert have been a cocaine/drug user if he was never an enforcer in the NHL, I think so, but don't know for sure. The lifestyle and society we live in is just as much to blame as the fighting imo.
I concur. And I don't like the calls to ban fighting as a result of this. We know that Rypien, for example, was a troubled individual. And that Boogaard's death was accidental, if memory serves.

Further, it could just as easily be that the enforcer position happens to attract individuals who may have other issues to begin with.

Nevertheless, all of this ought to be researched and understood.

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