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10-23-2003, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by topshelf331
I never said you were trolling. Notice thats why i didnt quote you. But some of the posters are here to rub salt in the wound of an obviously touchy subject. And they act shocked when they get a reply like degroat's. If it was on the main board it would be open game. But coming to the teams particular board and saying things that obviously will get a negative response is trolling. Sorry if you thought i was talking about you. And I dont know alot of the names from the nucks so I havent taken the time to play connect the dots with posters and their individual responses.

As far as im concerned i wasnt happy with the outcome of the game becasue it was decided by the officiating. But its over and the outcome cant be changed. Its time to move on becasue im sure there will be at least around 100 more games like this throughout the league for this season. And its highly likely the nucks will get their turn at it. So im sure it will balance out.

Thanks for the compliments about the blues quat, it means alot when it comes from a fan of a developing rivalry. It reminds me of the blues bouts with SJ. And if history repeats we will see you in the playoffs again this season.
Well I will appologize then. I shouldn't have assumed a post directly after mine was necessarily predicated on it. er... based on it? Yeah, it's crappy when calls turn out to be so important in a game.

The Blues bad luck with injuries is just bizarre, but if they can play as well as they did last night missing that many of their starting rotation, they should be very strong by the end of the season. I really enjoy watching a team that is diligent and never gives up, no matter what the score is. I don't believe I've ever see a blues team float, and with 82 game seasons, that says a lot. I'm kind of seeing a development in that direction for the Canucks, and I think they learn a great deal from teams that have that work ethic... heh... usually by losing to them!


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