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09-03-2011, 07:04 PM
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What I like most about this site is the over the top rules. "You can't talk about the Wii in this thread!" uhhh, yea I can, read your own rules and tell me why I can't. "Oh yea? You're getting an infraction!"

Best thing is, is once you get that infraction and they mods scold you through PM, you can't even reply.

Oh, and mods, when you go to give me my next infraction for this very post, please do so knowing this also is against no forum rules. There's a reason HF is the laughing stock of internet forums. Real forums don't have guys power tripping throwing out infractions when someone disagrees with their opinion.

Newsflash. A difference in opinion isn't an infraction of forum rules. Good work though guys. Solid job.

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