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Originally Posted by I Will Son View Post
I also said we could get him in free agency. Well if NJ is completely out of it at the deadline and Parise still has not signed he will be on the market. Obviously he will be considered a rental for a lot of teams so his value is not as much as it could be.

I could easily see us going for him if we are in a good position at the deadline. Who knows maybe Bergfors breaks out and they want him back? Would Poile trade Horny or SK in a deal for Parise? Or Wilson?
Maybe they would want Josi, Ekholm or Blum to be with Larsson? Maybe they would want Lindback cause Brodeur is going? Obviously they would rather have Rinne but would management do that?

And its always possible if it came down to it, Weber or Suter might end up going the other way. Also do we extend Parise if we trade for him?

Point is, we could make a deal for Parise. Its very possible if all the right scenarios play out.

And again there is FA.
I went on the det site here and they talk about Parise and they have the money no questions asked. They are not only one. But we need to be proactive and make a deal early. We'll know more after camp starts what we kinda have. If we wait until the deadline then he'll be a rental and we go down on the list. But if we can get him early then he plays with with the big three and he's a big offensive fish in our pond which he is not in NJ ...Kovalchuk is the big fish in that pond. Then take our chance with a commodity like Parise I like our chances greatly to go very deep in the playoffs and have influence on the big 3 that we are moving in the right direction. I would move Rad before I would Wilson and it might take a Wilson but that is the big chip I would only do to seal the deal If Rad doesn't do it or pkged deal doesn't do it

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