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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
No, not at all. Wisniewski was not good 'overall, not even considering points.' He's a very flawed player defensively. Coincidentally, Markov's very good defensively. They're not in the same stratosphere talent-wise or defensively. This '50/50' nonsense is bizarre. What's that based on, anyway?
Chance that after injury and missed time he will be as effective and can play full healthy season is around 50%.

Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
This is just crazy talk. At one point you mention Cole 6-10 years ago (huh?), when I presume you're talking about him on the BBC line (i.e., not with Staal), then in the next second, you say he's reliant on Staal. Which is it? Because Cole was indeed highly effective playing alongside Battaglia and Brind'Amour (hint: no Staal on that line). Say, does Montreal have anyone as effective offensively as Battaglia and Brind'Amour? Absolutely. Does this negate your point? Sure thing.
Cole was good player before his many injuries. Brind'Amour is not bad C either. Latest success points wise is completely work of Staal. Is it more clear now?

Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
Really, it's irrelevant? So, if we say Montreal got better, and Tor/Buf got better, then the extent that the latter two got better is irrelevant? That's some interesting rationale.
My point is more about leveling playing field. There will be less spread in points in the East and margin for mistakes will be smaller. How in this environment some people can predict any team other than maybe Was to make PO is beyond ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
Sure. And some players are maybe entering their prime, and it's expected that their production will go up. That's rudimentary. However, I presume from your level of logic that Montreal players will hold exclusive rights on 'declining production' while the rest of the conference will enjoy increased production.

It depends on who you think main contributors on your team are. Then you measure impact of relative increase or decrease. Who you think will significantly increase his goals total from young forwards?

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