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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
Because I only address you and 70's in this matter, because as I already mentioned you don't matter, I could care less of what your opinion is. This BoyWonder guy I speak of is that Jarek guy that changed his username for a good 4-6 months to a mocking nickname I gave him I never thought it would have stuck that hard with you, I really like that Boywonder guy a lot

Considering Golonka started his career in 1960 and this data starts in 1965 are you implying Golonka only had a 5 year prime? Fairly small prime for a "top notch" offensive weapon for a czech player playing in the 1960's.
I never said Golonka was good. I have no opinion of him. I'm just trying to impede this crusade you're going on without paying due attention to all the facts.

Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
Since Golonka is apparently the best goal scorer on Regina, does he have a better resume then Halifax's 3rd line Centre Mike Bullard? Bullard finished 21st in the 1980's in a very deep (Best league in the world) NHL. From a pure goal scoring perspective Bullard placed higher then guys like: Trottier, Yzerman, Taylor, Larmer etc..

During Bullards Goal Scoring prime from 1983-87 Bullard was 13th in the NHL ahead of guys like: Dionne, Ciccarelli, Naslund, Messier. Surely Bullard has the better goal scoring resume and factual proof then Golonka.
And 28th in goals per game.. behind Tony Tanti, Darcy Rota, Blaine Stoughton and Sylvain Turgeon.

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