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09-04-2011, 04:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post

If you want them to compare Montreal and Toronto, I'll save you some time:


17 - Montreal (236)
24 - Toronto (178)

Cap Hit of those MGL:

10 - Montreal (9.557M)
24 - Toronto (5.452)

Cap Hit lost on forwards:

24 - Toronto (2.139M)
26 - Montreal (1.903M)

Cap Hit lost on defence:

1 - Montreal (7.654M)
16 - Toronto (1.776M)

Cap Hit lost on goaltending:

4 - Toronto (1.537M)
26* - Montreal (0M)

*tied for last
this makes no sense. Toronto only lost 1.537 on goaltending? They were paying Giguere 7 million. Now they have Reimer and Gustaffson. They lost WAY more cap then that in goaltending. Where did you get those numbers?

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