Thread: News Article: Redden will report to camp
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09-04-2011, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by fredrikstad View Post
6 years ago,he was very popular. Funny how things are changing. Let`s hope it don`t happen to BR
I like how about half the Redden people don't post anymore likely outta sheer embarassment. I never even had Redden on the damn radar compared to Chara. I've said that a few times it always pisses me off he didn't want to sign here or whatever. Big goony piece a crap.(who I would likely have bought a jerseyof if we had him lol).

People always complain how they saw Redden's fall coming yet at leas in that thread nobody was saying a damn word...maybe at that point thetopic had already been beaten into the ground.

I like how one thing we haven't learned from Redden, kotalik, MDZ is you can't justmagically sign one guy andexpect a miracle turnaround on th PP and yet everytime we sign a booming shot or "QB" we talk about how the PP problem is fixed already. The PP is a 5 man unit and the whole unit has to execute and get better. I'll believe it when I see it. Tell you what between Richards Gabs and Drury in hi Buff hayday that'd be a damn good PP. (Yea thats right I just complimeted him as a down low PP pest.

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