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09-04-2011, 11:32 AM
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My thought is for Larsen to make the team (not considering injuries), Souray has to totally suck. Souray is expected to ease the loss of Richards on the point. I know they don't offer the same skills from the point, but both have the ability to score. If Souray can't get it done, that should open the door for Larsen.

I think the combination of Goligoski and Souray/Larsen on the Top PP point honestly have the ability to be as good as the combo of Richards and Robidas/Daley from the previous years. Goli and Richie didn't spend too much time on the point together thanks to Richie's injury.

You'd obviously rather have Richie, but the PP might be the most improved part of the team since the loss of Richie. Eriksson plays well with Ribs and Morrow on the PP, but I think Ryder might be even better with those two. Plus, Eriksson is still going to get plenty of time, it'll just end up being with Benn and Ott most likely. They obviously have the potential to be a very solid 2nd forward unit. I think Ott is actually pretty good in front of the goalie. However, the 2nd PP point is probably going to be pretty weak. I doubt Goli and Souray will get the Richie treatment on the PP so that likely means Robi and Daley are your point. Daley hasn't done much of anything with previous PP time he's been given. I think Robi was mainly effective in short spurts because of Richie. IDK that he and Daley are going to have much of an impact together. I think the success of the 2nd PP unit is likely directly tied to Benn and Eriksson.

To me Fistric and Pardy are fighting for a spot with one another because the play a similar game, but they are both going to make the team with one serving as the 7th D. I don't see how they'd have much of an impact on Larsen unless they both forget how to play hockey over the summer or Larsen is just lights out forcing Dallas' hand (see Benn 2009). I'm all for Larsen forcing a guy like Fistric out. I just think his only path out is via trade (AHL not out of the question, but I feel most would agree it's unlikely. A trade may or may not prove to be difficult, but I'm not convinced they are going to let Pardy ride the bench which would likely happen should Larsen make the team. I think (like Burish last year) they overpaid for him because they believed he'd flourish given a bigger role.

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