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09-04-2011, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
for that right there, I WILL NEVER EVER WATCH SOUTH PARK AGAIN. And No I am NOT kidding.

Crashing planes into America (whether jersey or not.. whether it is a joke or not) will NEVER EVER be OK to reference 9/11 attacks as a JOKE.

I dont like south park that much anyways. Every time I put it on, they are either making fun of Jesus or killing Jesus or something along the lines of Making fun of Jesus.
Now I am not turning this into a religious debate so please dont turn it into. Just stating why I dont like the show FOR ME.
That's the exact reason why I like South Park though. They make fun of all religions, races, countries, etc... If you are open minded to it, it is hilarious. I am Jewish, and whenever Cartman makes fun of Kyle, I laugh, it's funny, I don't take offense. If you get all the references and don't really care too much, it's hilarious. (I'm not talking about the planes reference, that was out of line). Anyway, this is not a South Park thread.

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