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Originally Posted by Lost Horizons View Post
Listening and understanding are two different things. He spoke almost no English before he got here and Cassidy has said it made it hard to explain things . Because he was with his wife I have a feeling he didn't pick up as much English as you might think. If he were just with his teammates or had an English speaking roommate he would have been force to speak English full time therefore learning it faster but he was with his wife which most likely means he spoke Russian at home which would have only stunted him learning the language.
That interview is from November. By May Yury had made some strides; someone posted an interview with him and Kudobin in which Yury spoke of learning English and Kudobin spoke of his own experience.

Bottom line, it's extremely difficult for a Russian speaker to learn English, and vice versa, considering that there's a different alphabet and that they do not share common roots (as English and French do). I know I couldn't do it, not in a few months' time anyway, and I give massive props to people who can.

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