Thread: Confirmed with Link: Canucks invite G Manny Legace to Training Camp
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09-04-2011, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
What are people thinking saying it's a precursor to a trade??

Manny freaking Legace will not see NHL ice time this season, and he's definitely not being brought in to cover as a full-time backup. If there was trade talk you'd see Gillis looking at Emery, Leclaire, Turco over Manny Legace. Goalies that have actually played in the league recently.

Warm body during preseason, and hopefully he lands a AHL backup job out of it, it's the best he's going to get.
First let me say that I don't think Legace and his PTO means anything except giving a player a chance to prove himself and maybe provide AHL depth for Canucks. That said, to suggest that Emery, Leclaire and/or Turco would make more sense as a back up - than Legace - is crazy talk.

This is Gillis' Money Ball we are talking about. Emery and his crazy town antics would not fit in with this tight dressing room. Leclaire is nothing short of a walking dead - his career is almost done - he has so many injuries. Turco? As a back up to Luongo? LOL!!!

Legace, if able to prove he still has it, is a logical back-up for Luongo - much more than those three other guys you mentioned. Are the other 3 better goalies all around - probably (although at this stage not Leclaire) - but it's about finding the right guy to fit in the right situation - Money Ball!!!

But again, don't think Scheinder is going anywhere quite yet.

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