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09-04-2011, 03:54 PM
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If you don't mind doing some serious searching... the old mid 2000's CCM Tacks were outstanding. I'm actually pretty disappointed they canned that line. The CCM U line is still quality however but sacrificed the durability of the Tacks line that was so popular for less weight.

In terms of new skates, Graf is always a solid choice if you're willing to pay the extra buck for pure lack of fancy design. The new CCM U+ line is decent, but don't expect tons of durability from what I hear.

Skates I would avoid:
Any sort of Bauer Vapor and ONE line
Any Easton Synergy line

These skates are notorious for their fragility, which is traded off for feather-light weight.

But seriously, if you're darn set on the best ankle support, get a pair of 2005 pro Tacks.

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