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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Again without adding up all the contracts you can't say anything for certain.

It's not even my main point. They are great players, but who cares what they use. That's not why they're great. Your skill level, height, weight, foot shape, budget etc, etc, has nothing to do with theirs.

This is no different than drinking a Coke or Pepsi because Michael Jackson does etc. etc.

Not trying to argue though. This stuff is all in Marketing 325. Of course it's going to disagreed with in a hockey forum.

Crosby/Ovechkin will make you and me look foolish in a pair of $50 Bauer turbos from 1987 bought off ebay. If he endorsed them people would buy them. The skates are junk. See my point?
Agreed. It's ALL about marketing. The big name companies are paying the stars $3-4 million a year to use their gear because they generate more than $3-4 million dollars of sales from us, the consumers.

From the companies' standpoint, signing a superstar like Ovie will be like striking gold. It's all about increasing their market share from sales.

For most people out there, they will make their purchase because a certain "superstar" wears that brand. It's a psychological effect to think that a certain product is superior than the other because the "pros" use it.

In reality, the gear used by the pros are of totally different quality compared to the consumer products. I.E. pro-stock. The gear used by the pros are completely custom made whereas the consumer level products are mass-produced. We won't get the extra-edge the pros are getting in their equipment in ours. The product could be still better but the margin isn't as big as the companies are making it seem.

Another good example of this are "disguised" sticks. Pros may use older model sticks and even think they may be superior to the new models but are forced to disguise their sticks due to marketing. For the million of hockey viewers out there, newer is better so they will go out and buy the newer version for $50-$100 more because they saw the pros use it.

Ovie will choose the best "equipment" that suits his game, but don't be native in thinking that half the reason wasn't due to endorsement from the company

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