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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
We're not talking about hits, we're talking about fighters, and Joey Kocur, Tony Twist are the hardest punchers to ever play in the NHL. They would still be feared tough guys today.

I don't buy the tough guys today are throwing heavier bombs than probs, kocur, twist, crowder, brown ect. Not by a long shot, so I'll ask again, how many enforcers have killed themselves over the years?

How many people have committed suicide who have never been hit in the head? Depression is a treatable illness, it happens to many young adults. I'm not saying there might not be a link, but the evidence sure seems to indicate that it's unlikely. An investigation is warranted, but jumping to conclusions does no one any good.

Concussions have always happened, not just the last few years. They are better diagnosed than before, players use to call it getting their bell rung, go sit on the bench for a few minutes and be right back at it. The game pace has changed a lot, but this change isn't exclusive to enforcers. Just as many star players are being concussed and to my knowledge none have committed suicide.
The enforcers are both taking huge hits and receiving punches to the head. That's my point.

BTW, I'm not jumping to conclusions at all. I know what I'm talking about. You're saying that depression is a treatable illness, ok fine. What about the brain lesions underlying the impairments those players are suffering?

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