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09-04-2011, 06:10 PM
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Rangers- Better. Young players are getting better. Playoff team but not a cup contender. I say with the addition of Thomas and Kreider next year we should have a chance for the cup.

Islanders- Much better but still no playoffs. If they wanna bomb the season one more time this would be the year to do it with the strong draft talent. especially the surplus of D men in the draft. Top team in like 5 years.

Devils- Better or worst. Interesting on how they hold up under the new coach. On paper they are a solid team and even better if Larsson can play with NHLers and Kovy and Parise produce. Also very dependent on Broduer playing well. Hard to say how they do. I say they might get in as an lower seed.

Flyers- I think they are due for a rough year. They are getting older and Pronger cant keep up his playing for long. Bryzgolov hasn't done well under pressure in my eyes( or atleast from what I saw in the playoffs last year). Also a lot of weight on young Giroux and JVR but i also think these 2 are some of the best young players in the league so they should be able to perform. Couturier could also help.

Pens- I think they are going to due worse but if their secondary players step up like they did last year after losing Crosby and Malkin they will run away with the division. Malkin probably wont be the same player ever. I may be wrong but that kind of injury would leave him weaker in the legs and he is a very powerful player. Could be detrimental to him. Crosby has been on the couch since January basicly. He could end up being another Marc Savard but its hard to tell with concussions.

I say the final division looks like this. Kind of hope im wrong. Makes the season interesting if you have some upsets
1. Penguins
3. Flyers
4. Devils

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