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09-04-2011, 06:49 PM
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I'm starting to give more and more creedance to the copy at factor. Boogards' was accidental but I think this scenario is possible. Rypien has by all accounts suffered from depression, he's been fighting it for years, to him, there is no logical reason for him to feel that way, he had a great life by society's standards, had his teammates and organization support him through his ordeal but he still feels like crap, then he sees the adoration and support that Boogard got when he died.

Nobody ever chastised Boogard, we all displayed sympathy for him, Minnesota and NY both put on big shows of support. Now if you combine that with the way a depressed person feels, all of a sudden, it doesn't make it look like as terrible of an option anymore. All the depressed person sees is Boogard is no longer battling depression and a depressed person sees all the love and adoration he received, you see a positive and it makes you forget the devastation that it would do to your family members.

Then it snowballs with Belak, he ses that someone who has been chastised at times by fans, took his own life and gets love / sympathy too and all of a sudden, he might think it's easier than keeping his secret or that there is no point in coming out and seeking support because it didn't do any good for Rypien.

None of the above might not be true but I think the copy cat factor is real.

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