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Originally Posted by noobman View Post

The *worst* thing you can do as a winger trying to receive the puck is to turn facing the boards and try to get the puck with just your stick. First of all, it's dangerous. You never know when a newbie player will come steam-rolling into you from behind. Secondly, it's not very effective. If it's a hard pass you might lose control of it, and if it's not flat along the ice you might miss it entirely. Thirdly, when you do receive the puck you can't see where anyone else is, and by the time you turn around to see the play in a stationary position you will be under pressure from the opposition.
The thing you label as the worst thing to do is the correct way to receive a ring. The idea is to be a stick length from the wall, you need to do a shoulder check to see what level of pressure you are under. Because the puck will hug the wall you have a chance to check for pressure. Once you receive it on your stick you can make your play without making a second move or a second touch. If you are under too much pressure to receive the ring on the stick you can take the bump, play the puck with your feet and wait for help.

If the puck hops over your stick the puck is only at the point where you still have a chance to get in the shooting lane.

If you make a play with your ass to the wall and try to make a skate to stick touch you lose valuable time, cannot make a quick move and the puck can end up in the slot for a prime scoring chance.

The only condition i would not advocate taking a ring with the stick is if the skill level is low. The risk of injury does go up and there is little to be gained.

Watch the pros - most of them are not spending time trying to kick the puck to their stick. They are either receiving the ring and making a play, protecting the puck under heavy pressure or chiping past a pinching d.

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