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09-04-2011, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by goonx View Post
another reason is also because the "raw" factory blades are actually mismatched a lot of the times coming off of assembly lines. Getting them profiled ensures that it's the same for both skaktes. It's all personal opinion mostly. Some say it doesn't matter; others say it makes them skate better. The amount of steel they take off isn't enough to shorten the lifetime of the steel by a large margin. It's probably equivalent to a few sharpenings but without a doubt, they're not taking a huge chunk off.
A profile will absolutely help you skate better if chosen right. You can get faster turning, better glide, better stability backwards, so on and so forth. It's something that, to be properly done, needs to be matched to your stride, so I would skip it at this point.

But absolutely get the skates baked- almost all modern skates are designed with baking as an expected part of the break in process. Some simply won't ever break in correctly without it.

Also, to the guy two posts above, get with the times. Almost all of Easton's durability issues were addressed ages ago, and Bauers have often known to last for ages, especially for lower end players. The One90 had a problem with the tendon guard breaking off, but the supremes since have a reputation for being incredibly durable.

As for tacks, they're gone. Move on. There are lots of great skates being made today.

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