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09-04-2011, 11:36 PM
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A member posted a poll regarding the players not wanting to get rid of fighting. Fighting goes hand in hand with toughness......despite the staunch denial by some here.
I don't agree that fighting goes hand in hand with toughness. You don't need to fight to be considered tough. How many times does Pronger fight a year and some considering him among the toughest players in the nhl. There are many many tough players in the nhl who don't fight yet are considered tough.

Toughness can include fighting, but it's not limited to it.

Asking about a speculative poll that never happened regarding helmets on a thread about toughness is completely irrelevant. It would make as much sense in this thread if I were to ask you if you knew the poll results of players regarding the elimination of the two line pass rule.
Talking about tanking in a thread about toughness is equally irrelevant, but it's been the topic for the last 6-7 pages. As far as the speculative poll....once again, I think you've missed the point in what he was trying to say when he questioned what players would have tought in the 70s had they been polled for helmets. I guess what he is saying that what the players think they want, isn't always necessarily best for them. I'm not saying I agree with his questioning the results by suggesting a hypothetical but it is interesting nonetheless.

These players grew and are accustomed to a certain system and are comfortable with it, but just because you are comfortable with it, doesn't mean it's good for you or beneficial or even necessary. The players might not want to have stricter sanctions on fighting, but that doesn't mean keeping fighting is a necessity. Likewise, players in the 70s probably didn't think it important to implement a rule that would force new players in the nhl to wear helmets, but it doesn't mean that it wasn't necessary to do so.

The debate around fighting will only grow imo...the talk is already quite advanced from where it used to be just a couple of years ago imo. So yes, I think his hypothetical poll is interesting because just because players don't think it necessary to ban it, doesn't mean it shouldn't be banned. A lot more goes into hockey than simply taking into account what the players think. Hockey is a business and image is everything, if they feel fighting would be beneficial to the league in terms of saftey on the ice and marketability, I think the league would care very little of what the players think.

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