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09-05-2011, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
So I will default back to one of my posts earlier.

If the risk of injury for the sake of entertainment is of concern (and yes, we are entertained when we go to a hockey game.........but then again there are some who are there for the stats and the stats only), then do not stop at fighting.

Make the NHL a non-contact sport. That will reduce injuries for the sake of entertainment. Put thick padding on the boards. No more rubber pucks (ever see how many players in the NHL are missing teeth?). Foam pucks and foam hockey sticks. Ice is slippery so remove it and play on soft padded carpet. No injuries for the sake of us being entertained while watching a game.

So which is it? Removal of injuries from a sport where the participants volunteer to engage in it? Or just your disdain for fighting because of YOUR own personal beliefs?
The difference of course being that hitting (legally) isn't against the rules in the NHL but fighting is. That's not to mention all the other aspects you brought up result in accidental injuries (sometimes even self-inflicted ones) whereas the sole purpose of fighting is to beat your opponent into submission.

In fact, when you think about it if you're a proponent of fighting you already have a sweet deal when it comes to injuries. When's the last time a player was suspended for injuring an opponent in a fight? Any other successful effort to injure an opponent while breaking the rules will at least garner a review by the league. Cross-checks, hits from behind, hits to the head, late hits, slashing even (considering Cammalleri was suspended for as much).

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