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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
And he only had a 2nd,5th,5th 1965 and after, so yes the mojority of his top finishes were in the early 1960's
He also had a third in 1961 (with the two guys ahead of him only ahead of him because they had assists recorded, and he didn't..). That year, Vaclav Pantucek had 36 goals to lead the league, and Golonka had 35. Nobody else was even close. I think this one does count. Even if the depth of the league wasn't the best, the guys at the absolute top were likely fairly comparable to AT LEAST the AHL at the time. The following year, he was 1st, with 50 points to Jaroslav Jirik's 41. The 3 guys from 3rd to 5th did not have assists recorded, though they had comparable goal totals to Golonka (Golonka himself had 32, the other guys had 33, 32, and 31). It is pretty safe to say that he probably was the best offensive player in this year, considering his assist total was second to Bubnik (18 to 19), with the next best guy having 14. I would count both these years towards Golonka's prime.

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