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09-05-2011, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Darius Dangleaitis View Post
I lived in a house on Main Street at UNH my senior year that had four separate units in it.

It was me and three of my buddies living downstairs, and in one of the upstairs unit lived four other dudes. We became cool with them throughout the year.

Now, one roommate's best friends happens to be Max Pacioretty (grew up in the same hometown in CT, went to his wedding this summer). Subsequently, we hung around all year with some of the hockey guys that Pacioretty knows. Pretty good times, hanging out with the dudes that every chick on campus hones in on.

This house we lived in was a joke, though. At the end of the year there were desks and chairs flying out of windows upstairs, etc.

I have a million other stories, half of which I don't remember. It was badass hanging in the hockey house though and being one of the guys, not just some schmuck trying to get in for the parties on weekends.

That is badass..Especially because you already were in there and knew the dudes.

A couple here, but shortened up..

My sophomore year the Sioux decided to try a different method in terms of giving students season tix. It was basically this: You got in line outside the ralph and when the door opened at 9am that friday, you went in, paid the 50 dollars for season tix (yeah, only 50 bucks...sick deal) and you got to run in and grab your seat (each seat had a number on grabbed the piece of paper and that was your seat for the year).

At any rate, people started getting in line Tuesday morning..3 days before. I get a call when I was walking to class and my buddy said the line has started. I turned around and bolted. I took turns with friends saving spots in the line and going to class. By Thursday night the line had turned into a giant **** show. It wrapped around the ralph, around the tennis courts and up by the frat There were grills,booze bottles everywhere, tvs, nintendos, xboxs set up, etc. Some of the hockey players were driving by and pumping up the crowd. So matt Green drives by in his 1990 dodge caravan () and some drunk dude throws a beer bottle at the side of his van. Green stops the van, gets out and is basically ripping him in half with one hand. Everyone got quiet. I think porter and smaby were in the car...

I was out downtown the night Oshie was arrested with radja for pissing in the elevator. I mean, they were wasted, but the thing broke in the apt downtown...what do you want him to do?

Parise got a minor on premises for being at the rock (bar near campus). But I never saw him that night..

And the best...Matt frattin and Joe Finley getting absolutely housed and tossing kitchen plates, glasses, a washer and a kitchen table on to columbia road.

Actually, maybe better...I partied with a guy who lived in the same complex at toews his Sophomore year. Their building hired a maid to come in and clean the place because they were ****ing lazy. Apparently the maid found upwards of 100 empty condom wrappers under toews bed.

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