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09-05-2011, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Darius Dangleaitis View Post
Wait, what happened to Zach when he was there?

Yeah, Radja's a pretty funny guy. He was older than I was. I mostly hung around with DeSimone, Sislo, Thompson, and a few other guys my age.

Absolutely hilarious dudes. Just wheeled a ton of broads and got wasted.
I tend to think Zpar stayed somewhat clean when he was there. I lived right down the hall from him in the dorms my soph year.

He got his minor on premises because basically everyone in town knew who he was and the cops saw him at the rock when he was clearly underage. haha He was a god at UND. I'm not sure there will ever be a bigger recruit in terms of hype and performance. Gophers fans were beyond pissed when he chose ND. He was booed beyond belief at mariucci. There was actually talk that Crosby would've gone to UND had he not gone juniors in Canada.

Parise could've pulled anyone he wanted on campus. I hooked up with this girl that I later saw trying to get with him I was walking out of the dorms one day and my buddy and I talked to Parise's woman for a bit. She's really nice. And she struck gold. haha

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