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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
While the players want it, the real question that needs to be asked is what purpose does fighting have in the game outside of tradition?

To suggest that emotions get higher in hockey than any other sport is very ego-centric. Emotions get high in every sport, everyone wants to win, every sport is fustrating when things don't go your way. Dirty plays happen in every sport, even soccer( the game all hockey fans love to bash as if liking hockey makes people feel more manlier than if they liked if manliness should be defining quality of a human being), where players are constantly tugging at your jersey, elbowing you when battling for the ball, kneeing and clipping etc. Watch a basketball game and you'll see that is a very dirty sport as well. I really don't see how the emotions of hockey is a way to justify fighting.

Does fighting offer protection? All the crap that happens in the nhl would suggest otherwise. It's already illegal to actually fight, that is why players are penalized for doing so. Other than entertainment value I really don't see where fighting has it's place in the game.
I think you would have to be pretty naive to think the players want fighting in the game, just because. Until you play hockey at a competitive level, you really can't question their motives.

I believe hockey has so many other factors compared to any other sport that it's silly to draw comparisons to football, which is a series of 10 second plays, hockey players are carrying weapons on skates. Instead of retaliating with a fight, players would take liberties with their sticks, the players believe that fighters/fighting offers them some sort of protection, even our own star player, Tomas Plekanecs has stated he would welcome a tough guy.

You'd have to ask them why them why they feel it's still an integral part of the sport, they are overwhelmingly on the same page. I believe it gives your skilled players more freedom to deal with playing skilled hockey, more so than pure protection, although I do think it provides some. PK Subban, Gomez, Gionta should not be the ones in scrums defending their teammates on a regular basis, that message needs to be sent by those who can be taken seriously.

Yes there are still injuries to players of teams who have enforcers, but that number may be even greater without them. There is absolutely zero chance it will be completely abolished from the NHL.

I, for one am glad for that.

Concussions are on the rise, but not because of fighting, they are on the rise due to the new rule changes, extreme speed of the game. If you really want to be serious about concussion crackdown, then we should should revisit some of the rules prior to the lockout. Let a dman slow down a forechecker, allow goalies to venture into the trapezoid to play the puck, so dman aren't hung out to dry and punish those illegal hits that result in serious injuries more effectively.(Max Pacioretty) The players of today have little respect for one another.

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